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Usagi Kou: Eudial's Investigation

Eudial here. Hope you are all ready for another exciting and incredibly FUN drama today. teehehehehe. This drama is based on a certain cosplayer who has, almost simple handedly, tarnished the entire sailor moon cosplaying world. That person goes by the alias of "Usagi Kou." This drama shall cover all aspects of Usagi Kou, everything simple, minuet piece of information that I can get my greedy little hands on. So, I dubbed this:

"A detailed look into the cosplayer from hell, Usagi Kou"

As many people know, there is a certain young lady who cosplays as the character "Tsukino Usagi." She is well known as, not only for performance in the cosplay world, but for also the HIGH amount of drama that seems to surround this girl. Even I, Eudial, have had some problems with this girl. However, I will not get into that too much as it brings back some cold and bitter memories for me.

Usagi Kou, or Lori (yea, that her REAL name), had alot of supporters on her side. I had come use to calling them her "lackies." The reason why I used to call them that is because pretty much whenever someone would confront her on a specific topic, her "lackies" would jump in and chime in with their two cents. I prove this point by using Michiru Kou's LJ post.

Now, i do not blame Michiru_Kou or any of the other Kou cosplayers as they were trying to help out their "friend." They did not know, however, that they were being manupulated and being fed by Usagi Kou's convoluted stories of how she was being harassed by these random people.

Nonetheless, this came to the point where Usagi Kou had free reign over the sailor moon cosplaying world. She was a queen that we all wanted to get rid of, but as long as she had such strong support, there was no way of bringing her down.

Then, on the seventeenth of April in the year 2005, a phrase lit up the Sailor Moon cosplaying world: "Viva la Revolution." On this day, Usagi Kou lost her "lackies." People such as Michiru_kou, Haruka_kou, Seiya_kou, and many others got fed with her and booted her out of "The Kou Clan." And they were kind enough to provide us with the information that you are reading currently.

The one important note that I would like to discuss is her behavior. Basically, from what I have seen, she is an "uber" b*tch to anyone that attempts a Sailor Moon cosplay. i shall provide with a piece of evidence for the matter at hand.

Please take a look at the following screenshot:

Looks like your typical, everyday picture yes? Now, to my eyes, thats actually a really cute picture. Now, I will show you what she posted. Please refer to the next screencap.

Now, this was really interesting to me so I decided to do some exploring. I copyed and pasted the link she provided, and here is what I got.

I'm sorry, but thats just arrogent. There's a certain amount of respect that people should have. From this type of behavior, its pretty apparent that she has no respect nor class. Now, I'm sure people may have their skepticism on this, however, if you REALLY dont believe me, just look at the web bar on the top of Kou's picture, and the web address that Kou provided. Same one!

Another situation where Usagi Kou attacked a Sailor Moon cosplayer is here. According to Michiru_Kou, she apparently blasted a young cosplayer named "Usa_ko" because her hair extensions weren't real. Funny, as Usagi Kou's extensions aren't real either. How do I know this? Please refer to the following screencap:

Look at her hair...different shades of blond. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt on this, however, even if her extensions hit the sunlight, they wouldn't change color so drastically. On top of this, Haruka_Kou pointed out that her extensions were not real. It was provided in a picture that said her extensions were hanging on the mirror! (Hard to imagine one could take off their hair, hang up on a mirror, and then put it back on whenever one wanted to) Below is a screencap of Haruka_Kou's LJ comfirming this statement.

Nice huh?

Ok, the next bit of the little drama bit of mine. There also was some drama about the phrase, "I SEE U" or "I EET YOU." Apparently, someone who goes by the name "Usagi_Dumpling" over at used the phrase in one of her pictures. Within minutes, the picture got flooded by usagi kou's minions saying that she needed to credit Usagi Kou for the phrase. The post was quickly deleted from, so it is nothing more then a memory now. However, one should consult "Usagi_Dumpling" for the whole story on this matter. As a matter of fact, this caused such a stir that an artist created the following picture:

Now, what is a copyright?

"Copyright is a protection that covers published and unpublished literary, scientific and artistic works, whatever the form of expression, provided such works are fixed in a tangible or material form. This means that if you can see it, hear it and/or touch it - it may be protected. If it is an essay, if it is a play, if it is a song, if it is a funky original dance move, if it is a photograph, HTML coding or a computer graphic that can be set on paper, recorded on tape or saved to a hard drive, it may be protected. Copyright laws grant the creator the exclusive right to reproduce, prepare derivative works, distribute, perform and display the work publicly. Exclusive means only the creator of such work, not anybody who has access to it and decides to grab it."

(For more information on copyrights, please refer to this page:

This is why people see a little "C" in a circle whenever a product is used. It looks like this, . If you see this symbol somewhere on a product, saying, or work; it means its copyrighted!

Now, to the pictures! I was lucky enough to grab these people from Usagi Kou's own website. (Thank you for helping me, by the way) Please enjoy these (stupid) pictures:

Now, where on these pictures do we see the copyright symbol. Now, what does this mean? This means, by law, the phrases in question have not copyrighted and ANYONE can use them.

Next part:

This, by far, was the hardest part of the drama to get through. This piece can be considered to be under the behavior section of this drama, however, this pained me so much that it deserves its own section. This will go into her HORRIBLE spelling/grammar and her overall hyprocritical ways.

I actually went to, and read 20+ pages of Usagi Kou posts. This task really tested my character as it was filled with unimportant chatter and overall stupid posts. Now, I got to get into her spelling and grammar. What is with that? I understand she's a High School drop out and all, but her horrible english is worse then a kindergartener.

Lord, imagine goin through 20+ pages of her posts and reading this kind of typing. Let's say, after an hour, I was starting to go crazy, and seriously needed a break. Thats ALL i wanna talk about with this section, as it was SOOOO painful.

As many know, Usagi Kou can be a liar, cheater, manipulator, and overall a sly person. I've noticed in some of her posts, she seems to be somewhat of a hyprocrite. I would like to present you with a screencap of her LJ.

Her main rules baffle me. It says, "No being an asshole." I can interpret this in many ways. Either, you can't say anything against her or you can't mean to others. However, isn't Usagi Kou infamous for going up to sailor moon cosplayers and saying horrible things to them? Lord knows it happened to myself at AnimeNext. Anyways, her next rule reads "No being a kiss-ass..." This is shocking as she ADORES kiss-asses. If i wanted to be recognized in the sailor moon cosplaying world, i might have had to befriend her as she knew alot of people. And how do you get friended by her? Simply by kissing up to her. Luckily for me, I would never go as low as kissing Usagi Kou's ass. Who knows how many has kissed it already. (Which i will also discuss later) Her final rule states "No drama..." I'm shocked! The bringer and queen of drama doesn't allow drama?!?!?

She brings enough drama herself. She actually thinks/thought she WAS Tsukino Usagi. I mean, who slips into such a fantasy world that they actually believe they are a fictional, animated character. Since she believed that she was this character, this must mean that everyone else who cosplayed her is horrible. I mean, of course, right? The next screenshot I will provide you is from The name of the thread was called "Strange experiences with people that cosplays the same character as you." (For proof, look at the top of the screenshot) She states that people cosplay as HER and not the character. Yeah, I'm sure these girls want to cosplay you because you're so much more popular then the character Tsukino Usagi, right? WRONG! Get a clue.

I'm surprised she thought that she was Tsukino Usagi. She's NOTHING like her. According to Michiru_Kou & Haruka_Kou, she's a bit loose with her sexual morals. She also appears to be a sex addict as well, being she apparently needs to have sex every night stating "Well, for me, the night is for sex." REally?!? The night is for sex? Last I checked, the night is for something crazy like SLEEPING! Being that most people have a job and have to earn enough to rest in order to function the next day. But, I guess she would never understand that as she never works.

Now, everyone wants proof, right? We love proof. So, here you are.

Usagi Kou's sexual appetite:

Usagi Kou's search for a job:

On a personal note, I warn that if anything has had sex with Usagi Kou. You SHOULD get an STD test like Haruka_Kou asked her ex-boyfriend to do. Remember, some STDs do not appear until later in life. (For example: Syphilis) So, do yourself a favor and get yourself a check. It doesn't cost much, if anything at all.

Also, her appearance as Sailor Moon. Now, she claims to look just like her. Now, I want you to look at this picture:

I'm sorry. Last time I checked, Usagi is the type of character that actually SMILES when someone is taking her picture. I mean, look at Lori. Not a single bit of expression in her face. And thos eyes! Omg! If I was younger and met this girl, I would be SOOOOO creeped out that I would probably have cried and ran to my mother. Here's a tip, sugar, if you wanna be the character, you must ACT like the character. Ya know what? I'm an adult now, and I'm actually scared just looking at this picture. Why cant you smile?!? Do you have like large, gapping holes in between your teeth? Or do you have no teeth at all? I'm actually really curious about that.

In conclusion, Eudial suggests that if Usagi Kou approaches, RUN. Run for the hills and do not look back. This girl is trouble! Unless you want a quick lay, just stay away. This is Eudial, and I'm OUTTA HERE!